The Year of the Woman

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s brave decision to go public with her accusation that Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when he was 17 has thrown a grenade into the Republicans’ confirmation hearing charade. The reaction on the right has been predictable.  Some have excoriated Dr. Ford as an opportunist – a risible assertion that only makes sense if we think that scores of women crave the “opportunity” to re-live scarring trauma while scores of people pore over every detail of our personal and professional life in an effort to discredit us. 

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GRRRL Recalibration

I’ve seen a lot in my lifetime, and I hope to see a great deal more. But, what I never thought I’d see is my parents weaken.  Of course, I expected to see them age and slow down, but just not weaken as they got older.  To even say a derivative of the word weak, in reference to my mom and dad, doesn’t sound right. I grew up an only child who enjoyed talking, dining, watching TV, playing cards and vacationing with my parents. They were curious, outgoing, and fearless during my formative years.

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September Dressing…MAG Style.

Change is in the air!  Fall is coming and September has meant putting fall fashion pieces into rotation.  And, even with a rare heat wave in the mix, (yes, it’s hard to start thinking about corduroy and tweed when it is still hot AF) we’re ready to pack it up and change into our new Fall Favorites. Whether it’s light layering or working those “off-the-shoulder” tops with darker-toned pieces, here are Seven Simple Style Tips on how to enjoy early Fall Fashion without piling on perspiration.

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Dr. Diandra Bremond. MAGnificent!

We’re clapping for an amazing lady this week and proud to salute our MAGnificent MAG, Diandra Bremond, affectionally known as ‘Dee.”  Dee is originally from Cleveland (Yeah, a midwestern GRRRL!) and has spent the last eight years slaying and enjoying Los Angeles.  She was recently appointed to the Cannabis Control Appeals Panel in Los Angeles and we applaud her MAG innovation and success.
IMG_5434Dr. Diandra Bremond, “Dee” (Right)
She was raised as a bi-coastal kid; her Dad lived in Los Angeles, making her no stranger to LA.  Her family has a long history in education and public policy, and Dee would rightfully follow suite!  She has a doctorate and masters from the University of California, Pepperdine, and both her father and grandmother graduated from Pepperdine. Dee began her career in non-profit leading her families efforts to help develop and mentor at risk youth through the Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade. I think it’s important to note that Dee has done what’s needed to make our inner city communities more viable. She’s given back!

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Welcome to the 1980’s!

Queue a little Doug E. Fresh and Salt-N-Pepa, for me please. You see, I can vividly remember the 80’s; the Decade of Decadence, when Dallas aired on the living-room television, Rappers really rapped, and Rock Stars really rocked their sassy suede fringed everything!  Boy, did we turn the volume waaaaay up on everything.  More was fucking, MORE!  Cars were Big. Fedoras were Big. Hair was even Bigger!  And even though we all know the 80’s left very little for us to desire. It wasn’t all a BIG waste. Fashion was Fabulous!

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